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    I’m building a site for a window washing company that cleans windows for many big name stores like American Eagle, Izod, Chick-Fil-A, Walmart, J-Crew, H&M, ect. I want a page listing a selection of these customers, and I thought it would be cool to use their logos instead of just listing their names, kind of like this site does. Is this legal and where could I get their logos?


    Realistically, legal or not, they’re not going to care if you list their logos. Suing you would be a waste of their time. They pay their lawyers too much to go after small people like you. If they sued everyone who has an image of their logo on their site they’re going to have to sue thousands of people and organizations. Also, if by some chance they had a problem/cared it was on your site, they would email you to take it down long before they try to sue you.

    As to where to get the logos. Google them. Or go to their site and just take theirs.


    Technically, you are required to ask them if they are okay with being listed as a client. Some companies don’t want that type of information available.


    I am actually in the middle of a very similar situation. noahgelman pretty much says it all, they probably wouldn’t sue you over it. However, technically (as mentioned by TheDoc) you should ask their permission. The very situation happened were we had the site designed and live when they (a major food company) emailed us asking to remove the logo. Eventually they came around and allowed us to use it but nonetheless if they were jerks it could of ended worse.


    if you ask, most companies probably have a greyscale or black and white copy of their logo that you can use on the site anyways


    Thanks for the comments and advice, everyone. I think I will probably end up leaving the logos out of it, since it would be too much trouble to ask for each one.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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