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  • # June 21, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    After dealing with host issues bad php and many more other problems I finally have Simple Pie almost working correctly. (Thanks for all of your help to get me this far)

    The last problem is that one feed is not displaying. I have posted this on in the Simple Pie forum but no answers as of yet.

    I have three wordpress blogs all on the same server and the same database and two of them get pulled in perfectly. For some reason one does not. I am new to php, wordpress and simple pie. (I know we are all really surprised that I am having a problem!) I am hoping someone has an idea why a feed that validates and works in the Simple Pie demo, does not work here.

    I am using Simple Pie & NewsBlocks

    The page that is pulling the feeds is <;

    The middle feed is not working (community events)

    They are coded exactly the same. If I change "community-events" to "news" in
    the middle block, it works.

    The blogs are:


    The feeds are:


    Thanks in advance!

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