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    Hello guys,after following CSS-Tricks @ iTunes and reading the articles on the css-tricks website for a long time. I singed up at this forum.

    Because i stuck with a problem in TextMate, i downloaded a new css bundle ( the famous one from minimal design) so i deleted the one that is default. But now i can’t choice the new one and the default one is gone.

    I already tried:

    -Reinstall doesn’t works ( just keep the settings i already had )

    So now i type css with plain text. It’s not a big deal but i’am a designer so i just love the code being highlighted !

    Thanks a lot if you can help me out !


    Hi LBorn,

    I took a look into your issue and I don’t think the Minimal Designs bundle is made to replace the original CSS, but rather to extend it, so when you install the bundle it doesn’t appear as it’s own bundle but gets added onto the original CSS bundle. (That’s what I could tell from this video)

    So your best bet I think would be to try and re-download/install the bundle, if that doesn’t work, completely wipe TextMate from your system, not just the app itself but it’s associated files, you can do this with an application like AppZapper, then re-installing it (There are probably some free alternatives, or maybe it will let you fo it with the trial).


    Thanks sacha !

    I already installed over and over, but it seem to hold cookies like a browser :P

    So i’ll give AppZapper a try !


    Thanks a lot sacha,

    i tried the AppZapper thing out, and the app directly found a cash file.
    And 1 min ago i started TextMate, and it was as default, and better said with CSS bundle !!


    Glad to help! :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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