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    Hi All,

    I’m having a wierd problem in IE 6 and 7. Did all the tweaking I could think of and spent hours on it. Can’t seem to figure it out.
    The problem is a layout issue in my pagation link set which I have implemented as an unordered List.

    The links for the pages should appear in one row. Except in IE7 and IE6, it appears like a bunch of steps. It works fine on IE8, Chrome, Firefox and others.

    The live page is here … -seminars/

    The screen shot on how it should be is here:

    This is how it appears on IE7 and IE 6:

    Any help on solving this is much appreciated.


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    I would try defining the width of the li’s within the UL for the boxes. IE doesn’t like trying to guess how big stuff is, I would also add the margin to the LI and not to the A.

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    This is one of the typical IE-issues that is referred to as the "staircase" or "stepdown" problem.

    You fix it by setting the LI’s to display inline:

    li.optionalClass { display: inline; } /* IE-FIX : Prevents “stepdown”
    : Thanks to */


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    Thanks a lot guys. TeMAC’s solution worked like a charm. :D

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