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    Alright so I was hashing out my layout and I got to this point before I started to check the links and such.

    The sidebar links do not work at all. An interesting note, the footer links didn’t work either until I wrapped them in their own div. The culprit is most likely sloppy coding.

    Here are the main two CSS files that I have worked with (using the latest starkers theme)

    /* TYPOGRAPHY */
    /* —————————————– */

    /* This helps to identify headings at the initial build stage, so I thought it’d be useful to have it */
    h1, h2, h3, h5, h5, h6 { font-weight:normal; }
    a { color:#cca33b; }
    a:hover { color:#dd8935;}

    /* LAYOUT */
    /* —————————————– */

    /* These rather presentational classes are generated by WordPress, so it’s useful to have some styles for them. Edit as you see fit. More info: */
    .aligncenter { display:block; margin:0 auto }
    .wp-caption { border:1px solid #666; text-align:center; background:#ccc; padding:10px; margin:10px }

    /* You might find the following useful */
    br.dirtyLittleTrick { clear:both; display:block; height:1px; margin:-1px 0 0 0 } /* Use this br class to clear your floated columns */
    div { position:relative } /* This will save you having to declare each div’s position as ‘relative’ and allows you to absolutely position elements inside them */
    li#theme-switcher { background:#fff; border:10px solid red; padding:20px; position:fixed; top:0; right:0 } /* Use this if you have the Theme Switcher Reloaded plugin ( installed and want to make it nice and obvious */

    body { background:url(../images/bg); }


    .floatLeft { float:left; }
    .floatRight { float:right; }
    .clear { clear:both; }

    #pagewrap { width:960px; margin:0px auto -130px; min-height:100%; height:auto !important; height:100%; }
    #push { height:130px; }

    a#logo { background:url(../images/logo.png) no-repeat; height:62px; width:485px; text-indent:-1000em; margin:0 auto; display:block;}
    #nav { background:url(../images/nav.png) no-repeat; height:45px; width:960px;}
    #nav ul { text-align:center; padding-top:5px;}
    #nav ul li { display:inline; padding:10px 0 0 10px;}
    #nav ul li a { font-family:”Georgia”, Times New Roman, Times, serif; color:#b1b1b2; font-size:1.2em; text-decoration:none; font-weight:lighter;}
    #nav ul li a:hover {color:#dd8935;}

    #sidebar { background:url(../images/catbg.png) no-repeat; width:169px; margin:10px 20px 0 10px; height:600px;}
    #sidebar ul { margin:0 auto;}

    #content {}

    #footer { height:130px; width:960px; margin:0 auto;}


    The sidebar links seem to be working fine for me.


    what browser are you using Matt?


    I have looked in Firefox, Chrome and IE and they all seem to be fine. I am assuming that the words Categories, Pages, Archives and tags are sections and not links.


    Edit: Fixed the issue I was having. It wasn’t just me, but I managed to fix it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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