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    MY beautiful friends on css-tricks. Lets say i have an image of a thumb with a tiny little box next to it. When a user comes along and clicks that little hand, waabam! the number 1 should display next that hand. Im going for the facebook like kind of system except not as crazy.

    Im strong in css/html/js/ but i am learning this beast of a thing we call PHP aahhhahahahah,,,,,,

    Basically, user clicks the thumb and it stores the click either into a txt file, arrary, or mysql database so the results will stick FOREVER,,,

    If anyone needs me to clarify my wants please tell me, running on fumes, but i promise if yall gimme something to work with i will blow your socks off with insanity.

    Please lol… I think this is a begging thread lol… none-the-less, i need the assistance of the css-tricks counsel.

    I love every one of you true professionals, green, white, black, brown, or grAY, GAY or straight i dont care. i love you al.

    Time for sleep, when i arise from my slumber i only hope the counsil of the css-tricks gods and goddesses have bestowed upon me a light in which will be taken to the bowels of hell, coding all along the way..

    Goodnight ( @ Y @ )

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    Well, I couldn;t sleep, so i worked it out for you using ajax and php….i have been in your position many a times regarding other stuff….so I couldn;t leave you hanging…Here is a link to the zip, you will need to create a data base of course and fill in the credentials in the demo to make it work… this is a bare bone, but more importantly FUNCTIONAL example…you would probably need to add a little security as well as implement it to your project….now its time for me to finally get to sleep (at 6:30 am)

    Download from my server:

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    @kgscott284, I greatly appreciate the hook up mate. Im kind of embarrassed about my original post lol, i was quite tired and really out of it. But i looked at your code, slightly modified it built up a database and works just great.

    Thanks again for taking out your time to help man, another reason why css-tricks has the best web audience.

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