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    I am centering my website using margin: 0 auto; on the body. When I decided to use a lightbox on my site the neat dark overlay effect didn’t cover my entire screen. I read somewhere that this is because of the margin set on my body tag and as expected the problem was solved when I got rid of my side margins.

    Is there another way of centering my site without affecting the lightbox overlay?

    Many thanks

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    html { text-align: center;}

    body { text-align: left;}

    That will line everything up just like margin:0 auto and shouldn’t affect the lightbox overlay

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    But that only works for IE right?

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    older ie browsers dont center the page using margin:0 auto but instead using text-align center. so using both rules will be the best solution. That way page is centered in every browser. But use margin 0:auto for your wrapper div.
    It should look something like this:

    margin:0 auto;

    all content here

    this wont affect your lihtbox overlay

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    Ah of course :) Thank you tafkanator

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