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    I’m working on a page for my band in which I am using the full page background technique as described here in CSS-Tricks. It works fine in FF, IE>6, Opera and almost* fine in Chrome. It also works just fine in IE<=6 when using the MooTools script as (also) described in the aforementioned article.

    Looks like this (of course in the [head]):


    As you can see I also use a PNG Transparency Fix (which I currently don’t remember where I found but probably here aswell)…

    I would also like to use the ShadowBox script for some lightbox-type galleries. The ShadowBox script may work with any of the available libraries and just for testing I chose jQuery. I thought I may, in the future, use more scripts, and, as I’ve read, a lot of them use jQuery.

    Looks like this:


    The thing is that when I use this last part of the code, the full-page background doesn’t work in IE6. It just shows the image fully centered but with white space all around. When I comment out (or delete) the jQuery.js thus


    it works just fine…

    Why does this happen? Is it because two libraries are in use? How can I fix that?
    Can the full-page background be implemented with the jQuery library?

    I can upload some screenshots if needed. I may also have a test page available in a few days..

    Thank you in advance!

    * About the full-page background in Chrome:
    In Chrome, even the page here in CSS-Tricks has white space on the top and bottom of the page.



    Well, I found the solution..
    It was rather simple, just putting this after all the libraries have loaded:

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