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    I’m a novice when it comes to HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress. I used Chris’s #73: Building a Website (3 of 3): WordPress Theme screencast as I am essentially doing the same thing. I created a template design with HTML and CSS in Dreamweaver that I am trying to transfer over to WordPress in order to create a more dynamic site with blog capability.
    The problem I’m having is getting my images to display from my html. The images embedded in my CSS style file are displaying fine. I started with Starkers theme and basically replaced the style file with my own eliminating the folder structure he had created. My folder structure is as follows;[attachment=0]files.png[/attachment]

    The following is the code I took from the html I inserted after the <Body> tag in the Header.PHP file using the ?php bloginfo(‘template_url’); code chris used to define the image path which for some reason did not work for me


    Could someone please provide some guidance? I’ve been researching this in the Codex and can’t seem to find a solution. I’m sure it’s probably very easy. thanks!

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    One syntax error will mess you up good, it took me 5 minutes to see the difference in the code! Thank you Thank you!!

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    No problem! One of the best ways to find errors like that is to view the source code on the page itself (the outputted html, not the code with the PHP in it). You’ll find errors like that much quicker!

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