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    Hi, I need some help getting my site to work properly with Internet Explorer.

    I am attempting to modernise my skills by learning about css, and have decided to implement a pure css/html lightbox type effect. As I started developing the page I was checking everything in both firefox and explorer and things were always OK, so I stopped bothering to check in explorer. Now that I finally have the site working pretty much the way I want in firefox, I find explorer doesn’t work anymore.

    The problem occurs when a thumbnail image is clicked. I want the large image to appear in the middle of the screen, while the thumbnail is in the third column (the problem is the same whether I use tables or divs for the layout). If anybody can help, could you also please explain any mistakes I might have made, since I am trying to learn by bits and pieces off various websites.



    Your site is under review and not visible for the moment. You should bump your post when it is ;)


    Oh, thanks for looking anyway. You may have happened to look just as I was uploading another version, trying something different (with no success, by the way). The site seems to be accessible now, I’ll leave it alone for now, since I don’t have any ideas to try anyway.

    If nobody can help specifically with this problem, perhaps somebody could suggest some simple resources, that I could check for myself, dealing with the differences, or incompatibilities, between IE and FF. I have looked at some, but I think they are a little outside of my beginners level capabilities.


    Thanks to everybody who read my post, I have fixed that problem, silly me. I hadn’t included the doctype thingy. I did know about it, but didn’t realise it’s significance, since FF was fine with my page. I will call it a novice error.

    Anyway, now the only problem I have is that when I refresh the page, using IE, I get a series of #;#;#;#;#;#;#; appearing after the title. It is only when I click refresh, and not when I first load the page, or go back and forwards to it. Any ideas?

    I’m working towards validating my code, perhaps I will correct the problem along the way, but please, offer any solutions, with explanations.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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