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    Hey everyone,

    I want to move only the bullets that are nested within another list. I want them to move more to the left so less of an indentation, however in some browsers they are just normal indentation (which I want smaller) in others (ie8) it works.

    ok here is the test code forgive the indentation if it is not correct it is just stole direct from my editor.


    new document

    • Testing – 1
    • Testing – 1.2
    • Testing – 1.3
  • Testing – 2
  • Testing – 3

it works ok, but not perfect, I have tested with the ul within an li e.g:

  • test 1 //not closing the li tag here
    • test 1.1

seems to work better for some reason

the problem I have is I want to adapt this to a site I have made, as I need to add in new links which have a hierarchy and I have developed the site so, that code is broken down into snippets of html code but saved as php but it does not lessen the indentation.

here is my CSS for the un-ordered lists including the nested ones from the site.

margin-left:-23px; //sits perfectly as I want on the site

margin-left:-25px; //does nothing in browsers but IE8

some html of the sidebar but links and text hidden but structure same

what am I doing wrong?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)