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  • # August 4, 2009 at 10:49 am

    Hi again everyone at css-tricks,

    Check out this page in I.E. (Windows only):

    Look at the right float with the headline ‘Core Competencies’. Notice that it is cut off at the top. I previewed it in Firefox and everything is okay. Even in IE (Mac), it displays alright. It is only in IE Windows that it gets cut off. Go ahead and select the text, you will also notice that the highlight goes only partly, unlike ‘Company Profile’.

    I tweaked all attributes I can think of: paddings, height, margins, clear:both, etc. I can’t figure out what’s happening.

    Any advice/suggestions is very helpful!

    Thank you.

    Okay it’s solved minutes after I made this post!

    So I removed the bottom padding from the <div> containing the image, and had a margin-top for the float-right <div> instead. I don’t really know (or care I suppose) why it was acting weird in IE Win, just relieved that it’s solved!

    Thank you everyone!

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