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    Hi Guys

    I’m working on a website, and I would like to have a CSS Drop Down Menu on the Personal Development in the Nav Bar.

    I’ve managed to put something up, but as you can see it is wrong ! when you hover over Personal Development, you get the Menu appearing in the far left ! and it is green ! when I want it to be the same colour as the Nav !

    I’d greatly appreciate any help in fixing this.

    Thank You.


    OK to make things easier, I went and removed all the CSS that was related to the submenu, now all I have is a styled list, with another list within it. Here is the HTML.

    How do I create a drop down menu under Personal Development ?

    I’d greatly appreciate any help :(


    anyone ? :(


    believe me virtual I’ve tried so many, like you said google is full of them.

    But none of them work for me ! I don’t knkow what I’m doing wrong :( the one you linked me to didn’t work either !

    Check it out :(


    Thank you Virtual

    You were right > I was wrong.

    It is now looking MUCH better, thanks to your advice. However there is still one small problem.

    Check this out. Now hover over the [ Personal Development ] and you see how the drop-down gets hidden behind the content !

    How can I solve this problem ?

    Thank you.


    Thank You So Much Virtual :)

    That DID IT :) I have been using CSS for a while, but I had never come across this z-index thing !

    I shall google it to see what it does.

    Thank you Very Much. you’re GREAT.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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