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    I am so frustrated. I have spent hours and hours researching this and can’t find a way!

    I want put headlines from several blogs on my home page.

    I have several wordpress blogs on my server. I have installed them on the same database using different prefixes. I want to display headlines from each of these blogs on the home page.

    I have found ways to display one blog at a time by using php as found in a tutorial but I don’t know how to get several different blogs in several different lists (unlike my experience with SimplePie). I don’t want a feedsmusher, I want separate lists. I’ve read that simple pie will do what I want but I don’t see how.

    The site I am building is <;

    Right now it has the method that I found to display one blog’s headlines. This is exactly what I want except that I want different blog headlines in each spot (news, blog, tv, stories)

    Anyway, I would be so grateful if someone could explain or point me in the right direction.


    Take a look at Chris’ video about SimplePie … simplepie/


    Thanks Mattvot. I had watched the video before but I watched it again just to be sure I had not missed anything. It still does not tell me how to separate the feeds into lists. Again, I do not want them "smushed" like in the video.

    I am hoping someone can help me present them like I mentioned above and on me site.

    Thanks in advance for any insight.


    Thanks Apostrophe,

    I had gone down that road with newsblocks but obviously did not understand it.

    I am trying again.

    Now I am getting a 500 internal server error. When I try it on another host it works but on Earthlink it does not.

    I chatted with support and they said that my code is asking for php 5.2.2 and they only support up to 5.0.0

    She said to "please try uploading the file to PHP version 5.0.0 and check"

    I just used the newest version os simplepie and the code snippets suggested. I am new to php. Can anyone tell me how to switch the code to 5.0.0


    What do they mean by they only support "up to 5.0.0". Does that mean they support php 5? Or they support all version up to 5 (i.e. 4.9.9 and below)?

    PHP 5.0.0 was released in July 2004 and contains a lot of bugs, many of which have been fixed in subsequent releases. PHP4 is even older, and buggier. Many poor quality hosts have yet to upgrade from PHP4 – which I find inexcusable. This is the first example of one upgrading to 5 and sticking with a 5 year old version of it though!

    My mind boggles.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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