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    I’ve a huge problem at the moment. I tried to solve it for some hours now, but it won’t work…
    Here we go:



    The textarea is child of form, div, […], div.wrapper – Making things shorter, it’s inside of Anything Slider from Chris.

    If I remove the


    it works well, but with Anything Slider “alert()” shows “foo bar”, even when I edit the textarea.

    Do you know any solution?

    Hope it is clear, what I want to tell you. Sorry for my bad english.

    Kind regards


    I’ve found a solution now, it is very tricky!
    I will post it clearly next days, no time at the moment.

    Short one:
    Anything Slider copies the first and the last div, my textarea was in the last, so it has been copied. The change was not recogniced in DOM! WTF?! Not in the first textarea, not in the last. And on top of this, there are multiple ids.

    So, I changed id to class and get the values with jquery this way:

    var description = $($('.description')[1]).val();

    Hope anyone else can take this for his or her on problem.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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