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    I try on a testpage with mobile-switch, to play small videos from an Artist (Friend of mine).

    Normal on Desktop it´s OK.
    But an Mobile, it shows me, to install Flash9 (but there is no flash for Android or iOS).

    I Try another Player, or another File-Format, or another Coding.

    But from OGG/OGV over Mp4, FLV or some other, nothing will play on Mobile.

    I can get it as download an dplay then. That works, but not directly from the mobil.

    As Browser I prefere Boat on Android (2.5), try Opera and other (deinstalled) always the same.

    No video is playing.

    Do you have any suggestion, without Javascript (maybe PHP)?

    Thanks for Help.


    I´m from Germany and at this, the discussion between Google and the GEMA organisation, YOUTUBE blocked all Artist-Video´s as GEMA invent or mean to Handle it.

    I think it´s a special German issue, but can´t resolve at self.

    So I look at another possibility, to store it on my own server and show it on demand.

    HTML5, I use the CMS Contao 2.11.5 (fromer TypoLight) an use also the HTML5-Player, but nothing will happen on Mobile.
    In some cases, I see the player and the controls. I can try to start (the button changes), but nothing to hear or see.

    The most common player is the FlowPlayer.. but..


    no Ideas?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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