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    In a post in the css help and troubleshooting section, I recently posted about a problem i encountered with Google’s web font directory not having a small-caps variant. So after some messing around i came up with a way to achieve that effect using and inline unordered list and some text sizing;


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    • c

    The problem comes when trying to use this text dynamically, the words are split up in separate list elements, If I were to use this for say a header in WordPress i wouldn’t be able to use the admin panel to type in the site name as i could only place it in one element. My question; first, Is there possibly a better way to achieve the effect? Second, If not is there possibly some jquery or JavaScript, that could force the separate list elements to act as one?

    Thanks in advance,
    Jeremy Carlsten


    Using the jQuery Lettering plugin will solve the issue with wordpress headers it can be found here: It would look something like this…

    Title in small caps will appear here




    I knew there had to be a javascript way of doing it but no one had replied anywhere I posted, glad you did, might try to turn my old portfolio design into a premium theme because of this little tip

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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