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    Anyone have any tips or references for creating a slider like this:

    Or even the carousel slider here:


    Many…but a quick google search would offer you many more….and have tips on how to build your own.


    Carousels are going out of style in favour of cleaner, flat designs. Many people feel carousels/sliders detract from the primary navigation. Perhaps there’s a clearer, simpler way to display your content?


    Hey Mikey, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I tend to agree that carousels are actually obnoxious.

    BUT- in the spirit of modeling after what’s proven effective, I decided to sort of knock off the Apple Store slider. See it here:

    If you don’t mind, what would you consider to be the ultimate in clear design at the moment? Perhaps share a link for me to check out?

    Here’s my menu currently:

    My problem now is that when I hit the control on the right, to make it slide and show the next set of options, it’s shows the rest, then repeats the first 3 options at the end to take up remaining space.

    Does anyone know how to just limit the movement of the slider to stop after the last option?


    I don’t think there’s a such a thing as “ultimate in clear design” applicable for all. Each content is unique and therefore require corresponding type of design (framework or layout). Once thing is for sure tho. If you give users access to your content which they can peruse with least amount of work, than that’s a success.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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