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    I’m using the SlideupBoxes CSS code available from this website and I implemented it on my Drupal site.

    But what I really want is not only to have the boxes on top of each other but also next to each other. I’m just novice at html at the moment, so if someone could give me a go based on the downloadable code on this site?


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    Hey webxorcist,

    Can you post an example or a link that shows the code?

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    Give the element .slide-up-boxes a a float:left;. Also, give it, or the

    inside it, a specific width.

    Then they’ll be next to eachother (provided that the container that has them allows for space).

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    Lol I feel so stupid! I was fiddling with the divs that I totally didn’t think of the float :s Well I won’t forget that anymore.

    Thank you both for the reply’s, It is working as I want now. Thanks Senff.

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