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Slideshow, setTimeout and ClearTimeout

  • # June 21, 2014 at 9:45 pm

    I am creating a slideshow of 5 images and have it automatically advance every 3 seconds and also manually advance by clicking the forward arrow (and backwards).

    I used the setTimeout function to advance every 3 seconds and then used the clearTimeout function within my chgSlide(direction) function to stop the auto advance.

    When I stop clicking the next or previous arrows, the auto advance does not kick in.

    How do you start it up again (no jQuery)?

    javaScript code:

    var pause = 3000; //interval, in milliseconds, between transitions
    var i = 0; //image counter
    //last index in 'imgs' array
    var imgCt = imgs.length - 1;
    var pic = document.getElementById("pic"); //the <img> element in the HTML file
    var timer;
    //rotate between the images in the "imgs" array
    function rotate()
        pic.src = imgs[i];
        if (i === (imgs.length -1))
            i = 0;
        timer = setTimeout("rotate()", pause);
    window.onload = rotate;
    //transitions either forward or backward
    function chgSlide(direction)
        i += direction;
        if (i > imgCt)
            i = 0;
        if (i < 0)
            i = imgCt;
        pic.src = imgs[i];

    I am not sure if I used the clearTimeout properly; but, it works on my computer. Before I added this, the slideshow did not work that smoothly (skipped an image or two when clicking).


    # June 23, 2014 at 12:57 am

    In chgSlide, you clear the timeout, but you never start it again, so that’s why it does not start again. Try invoking rotate in the end of chgSlide.

    Regarding setTimeout: Instead of passing a string that invokes the rotate function, you can simply pass a reference to it, like this:

    timer = setTimeout(rotate, pause);
    # June 23, 2014 at 8:49 pm

    I ended up doing a work around.

    I created another function;
    function stopSlide()

    Then I add an “auto” button and a “stop” button. The “auto” button uses the rotate() function and the “stop” button uses stopSlide() function.
    This seems to work now.

    I will try your solution and see if that works also.


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