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    Hi guys,

    It’s my first post at this forum, and I have learnt a great deal from many of the posts here.

    I have a few questions based on the nav menu in this website.

    From studying the CSS so far, I understand that the menu is hidden using the transform method – TranslateY to be precise.

    Upon clicking on the menu button, it makes the div class of nav-scroll active. The active selector on .nav-scroll brings the menu down with the transform method.

    Question –
    1. Is there anything else that I should be looking out for?
    2. How is menu button linked to the .nav-scroll class?
    3. I don’t quite understand this part –

    data-behavior=”toggle_header” data-icon=”☰” data-toggle=”” data-track-click=”show” data-track-event=”menu” href=”/?menu=1″

    I pasted some lines of the CSS codes –

    Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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