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    Hi Chris,
    I’m a novice to CSS so the solution for my problem might be better handled with javascript or an html trick but here it goes:
    I have a bluegrass radio station website hosted by a free host that allows bottom of page ads that are added without my control.
    I think one of the hosts advertisers is re-directing my visitors to their website with their ad.
    I would like to have something in my script that would keep them from hijacking my visitors to their website.
    I have complained to the host but they won’t do anything to help the free site users.
    I’ve tried several scripts but none worked so I have used a meta redirect to take visitors to a mirror site that is identical to the site I was using. I don’t want to change my URL permanently to the mirror site as my primary site so I would like to have a script in my page that will skip the ad or redirect back to the my main page if the ad is viewed.
    If you have a better solution I am all ears!
    I love Bluegrass
    [email protected]


    you should post a link to the page so that we can see how it is doing what it is doing.


    I will have to remove my redirect and put the original script back on the original URL.
    I’ll be back when I get it back like it was.


    It’s back to the original page now and it is still being redirected by the hijacker.
    The URL is:


    when what? I am on the page and not being redirected. What do I have to click on


    You shouldn’t have to click on anything.
    It is being redirected in just a few seconds automatically.
    Here is where it takes you:


    I have been on the site for nearly five minutes with firefox and I am still at I just loaded the page with internet explorer and I am still on At the very bottom of the page, it says

    Thanks for not putting junk at the bottom of this web page.


    I am wondering if it affects all browsers.
    I am using IE and it doesn’t do it all of the time but most of the time it does. There should be ads for other advertisers pop up occasionally.


    This is the ad that comes up on mine but it takes you to the same site;


    well, sorry buddy. Can’t help you. No one will sit here all day waiting to see what happens or how it happens. The only way I know that someone else can redirect your visitors is if the free host is letting them. How many visitors are you getting to your site? is it worth paying for a site? It isn’t that expensive you know. Less than 100 bucks a year. if you went in with a friend, you could split the cost to 50 a year. I see zero ads at the bottom of the screen


    I know it is frustrating to try to help someone when you don’t get the same results.
    Thanks anyway.

    Rob MacKay

    Don’t use free hosting? lol

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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