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    I am redesigning a site for a client. He currently has a very good Google rank. I am using wordpress. If I keep all content in the same tags, keep the same meta info and obviously the URL will be the same the Google rank should not be negatively affected am I right?

    Andy Staple

    Is he currently on WordPress now?

    A simple redesign shouldn’t affect his rankings too much if the same content is there. I’d just make sure you make use of the header tags, keep the same permalink structure, and validate the code to make sure you’ve done your due diligence to make sure he’s alright if you said he would be.


    Hes on another CMS … no idea what it is though. I just wasn’t too sure if WP would throw out the SEO in some strange way without me knowing.


    The post was only made for spammy reasons, but I liked what it said, so here it is quoted:

    "watson09" wrote:
    There is no surety as such. There are higher chances that your site position will be affected by changing the design even if you keep every other things same.

    The reason is because when you will update the design, there will be some down time. The other thing, there will be some changes in URL as well.. If your client’s current website is in asp then getting it converted into WP will change the links somehow..

    Even if the previous version is in php then also there will be some changes in site ranking. This can be because the link navigation will be different. The site loading time will vary for sure.

    I had this case before. Even i didn’t made any changes but just bought a website from my friend. It was transferred and was active within couple of hours and still i lost the ranking of that website on some keywords..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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