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    So, I normally check to make sure my sites work in all browsers pretty frequently. Apparently I let something slip by me and I have no idea where I caused the site to break in IE.

    Can anyone identify what is making the product page look boo boo in IE?

    I also have some compatibility issues on the home page also… I cannot figure out what I have done to cause this…

    Any advice/tips/direction is much appreciated.


    first, you should not use the * rule at the top of your css to set margin and padding to 0, use a css reset instead

    second, how are you putting the white background on your site? You could set the background of main to white. wouldn’t that solve your problem for internet explorer ?

    What is this file? vafStyle.css.php

    that does not look like a valid file


    Using a lazy reset is perfectly fine in my books – to each their own.


    yes, I used a lazy reset in the beginning also, but as my skills progressed, I tried to do things
    “The right way”. Hence, I think most developed web designers will tell you that a reset is better than The * rule because a reset would put less weight on your styles.


    Not even sure what a reset is, so I think I will stick with the *. The background of the site is supposed to be black, but a white background is used for the the main column where the content falls. As for the vafStyle.css.php, it just tells one of the modules on the front-end to use a different style sheet, and where that style sheet is.

    Ideally I am trying to get the page to look the same in Firefox and in IE, but I cannot tell what is causing the bad page formatting in IE. If anyone could identify where the problem is I think I could fix it on my own, I just can’t seem to figure out where the problem is.


    one thing that you can do is fix all the errors in your site. There are 139 problems in your code. Some of them can be fixed, others probably not. But I can see that you used the wrong comments on your site. You used –!> as a closing comment tag which is wrong. It should be –> This could be causing your problem.

    Other errors point to wrongfully nested UL’s. I found 8 tags in your html that was left unclosed. Some were divs. This could cause your problem. What I recommend now is that you clean up your code, fix all the errors that you can then come back and let us know where you are at. If cleaning up your code doesn’t fix the problem, then we can take another look and try and help you figure it out. Use the validator below.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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