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    I just redesigned my Site, I’m still making changes, so that’s why I’m asking for any feedback right now, hopefully I’ll get some advice and be able to come up with some ideas. This is at

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    I honestly can’t offer any feedback. It’s a great, basic looking site that does what it’s supposed to. Love the navigation on categories. Search is easy to find… not much more you can ask for. I’d say it’s a little basic, but then again depending on how graphically intensive your pages will be, maybe that’s a good thing to maintain.

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    The design is the same as in You changed a couple of things, a colour, the logo obviously and some other thing, but even the colour of the category button is the same. I´m not saying is not legal to get inspiration from other websites, we all do, but try to, based on that style, draw something yours. Otherwise there´s no room for opinion.


    Keep it up, try something new

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    Yeah, It’s supposed to look like Themeforest, soft of, that’s why I want you guys to suggest changes and perhaps make it more unique. Of course I have changed things, I really only copied and changed the header, the rest is fairly different and I didn’t even get that from themeforest, it was some of my old designs combined.

    EDIT, I just got an Idea to change header, ignore that for now, it will be changed!

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    So I made a few simple changes to the header, the categories and Nav hover is a light blue, just to go along with the blue of the rest of the theme, I figure that brown really didn’t fit in that well anyways, The Header has a more defined gradient and lines, Other suggestions would be gladly welcome.

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