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    Hey guys. Recently I started working for an outsourcing techsupport company called SupportSpace … as a way to market myself and a handful of others I’ve been dicking around with the idea of a DBA called “After Hours IT” … the idea is that we start our day at 6pm and work till 3am hence, we are available after everyone else is closed.

    Still working on it, but I wanted to get some input. The layout, the logo, the color scheme, just some general suggestions and criticism. For the moment it’s in a folder on my personal domain so, ignore that part :). Thanks.

    Also the “our technicians” and “our blog” pages do not work – haven’t gotten there yet. Any suggestions as far as design, SEO, layout, flow, just really anything you have to say, please do :)

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    I think you’ve got the structure down, and most of the elements in place – just needs polishing up. Some things need a little more room to breathe, details details, etc.

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    You think there should be more padding around the textual content @TheDoc ?

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    I scrammbled for that picture … now that you mention removing it, I think you’re right – it doesn’t need to be there. The let’s get started links will of course be linked before the site goes live. I appreciate you comments on the social media icons, I threw them together sort of nonchalantly and was really pleased at how they cam out. Thanks for you comments @fordinary

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    The background clashes with the banner color. If you think about it, having social media on the sidebar and the footer as they’re so close is sort of redundant. This needs works as you’re already aware. I think you just need a little inspiration, search around on the web.

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    I like it, Maybe a bit of feedback when scrolling over the navigation bar? maybe a highlight?

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    use this
    atop your .CSS file or load it as 1st file then continue with you own .CSS

    add in your CSS
    keeps page centred in all browsers regardless of content height

    html {overflow-y: scroll;}

    3.] main picture logo, left upper corner, should / could be clickable
    4.] too much blue :]

    a) as @ChristopherBurton said … bg + banner both blue
    b) links also blue

    5.] let it breathe give it some padding 25px, 30px should do

    6.] distinguish colours for links in footer, text = link colour? not good

    7.] yes, redundant social links

    8.] let visitor know where he is, highlight menu item of current page

    9.] give your H2 some margin-top, way to close to each other

    10.] drop .html ! … start using files .php so you can save time and use INCLUDE


    and few other things
    but otherwise, good starting point ;]

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    Just saw these new comments @krysak4ever I agree with everything you said – I usually do use .php for headers and sidebars and footers – I mostly do WordPress themes these days, so I’m pretty familiar with includes and hooks. I made this template as a way to sell quick solutions to cheap companies (you know, the Craigslist folks, the $2,000 a year market ;)). Thanks for the awesome feedback!

    @ChristopherBurton as I just said to krysak, these sites are quick solutions to cheap companies – so you’re lacking in inspiration comment is valid :) – took about 2 hours to throw it all together. I will take everyone’s suggestions and pretty it up a bit.

    Thanks guys!

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