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    I’m looking for a critique of my blog\portfolio. I’ve got the basic framework and styles in place, but I feel like something is missing and cannot put my finger on it. I’d like to give it a more modern look than I currently have, but I’m having trouble coming up with something, without doing a complete redo of the header area.

    I know there is some work to be done on the About and Contact pages, but I am more worried about the header area than anything else. Any feedback would be appreciated.


    Deign Goals
    – Keep it simple and clean (flat-ish look)
    – Keep focus on content
    – Mobile-First

    Chris House

    Your site definitely looks clean and fairly modern. If it was my site, here’s what I’d do:

    • Space things out just a bit more, namely the space between posts. They need a little more room to breathe.
    • I’m of the opinion that effects can be added to a site without diminishing its “simple”-ness, as long as they’re subtle. Look into some hover over effects for your menu items. Maybe play around with subtle (again, the key word) transformations. Maybe background patterns? Here’s a good resource for those: It’s amazing how much a background pattern can spruce up a site.

    • I’d use something other than Helvetica/Arial, if for no other reason than to avoid the most obvious/boring choice. Check out Google Fonts:

    • Your header image could be larger, and maybe add some logo text (see above for good font choices).

    I think your site looks good, it just needs a little more pep.


    I actually quite like the design and colors – great job. I’ll list a few things I’d suggest:

    • Perhaps space the headers “Detect Bootstrap….context” from the date, just looks a bit squished together
    • I’d add some hover effect on the socials and discs on about page, just because I feel it’s very ‘static’ – I like the navigation effects though.

    • On the built using I’d write it like such:

    ” Jekyll – Transform your plain text into static websites and blogs ”

    • I’d consider using [ target=”_blank”] on a few links because (I haven’t check all) most links seem to take you away from your page, I’m not a huge fan of that, the user would have to keep clicking the back button to get back to your site if they haven’t remembered the site URL.

    But it looks great on the front of it! Nice job.


    Thanks caiman (and Billy_Purvis) .

    Lots of great advice, most of which I have implemented and I think it takes the site to the next level.

    Keep it coming!


    I like it, great use of colour and it’s very a very simple design making the content the focus.

    The only thing I found is that sometimes if you resize the browser window to activate the smaller breakpoints in Windows 8, the font weight get’s a little thin and can look funny (Chrome).


    I like it.

    I agree with the above comments: you should space out posts more. Plus, definitely use a different body font: no offense, but the one you are using urts my eyes.


    Everything else was pretty well covered so I thought I would share something different. Under your “About” page, the opening paragraph… use “an” as opposed to “a”. =P

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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