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    Austin Peterson

    Here is one of my first responsive projects using SASS.

    Could you take a look and see what I could do better. Point me in the right direction so I can do research and know what to learn next.

    I am having trouble figuring out how to implement a hamburger menu. Id like to do it just using jquery really.

    Much appreciated!


    Hey there,

    I will be honest with you here. I quite like the design of the website but there are a few things that could stand out more/make it less ‘boring’ so to speak. The white background makes it a bit dull you could try giving it a bit more ‘feel’ if you get what I mean. Empty spaces in the body while your header & footer are 100% covered don’t really look appealing (to me).

    The underlining when hovering your mouse of the menu buttons isn’t that appealing either, try without and see if you like that better. The ‘Cart, Register & Login’ items to the right aren’t really that visible, try to place them in a more convenient spot (right top for example).

    I would remove ‘About’ at the bottom left since that one is at the top already and is not that important as ‘Contact’. Maybe you could give the footer menu a different colour to make it stand out a tad more and maybe make the textsize a bit smaller? Grey on a grey/green background doesn’t do very well.

    What is going to happen with the Social Media icons (right bottom)? If you are going to use those it would be better to have them either at the top or in a place where they are a bit more visible.

    Overall, good job and good luck!

    EDIT: It would be nice to have a ‘Home’ menu item else users get confused how to go back to the homepage.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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