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    I know that most people just ignore the whole IE 6 issue. In most cases I do also, or make a design that doesn’t break. But, in this case, I am stuck trying to make it work.

    The site is: Salida Glass

    When I test in Adobe browserlab, in IE 6, the last image, associated with the location/contact button drops to another line, and everything looks terrible. I am sure it is the well known IE 6 margin bug, but I cannot find any margin to reset or change to make this work.

    Any suggestions for a fix or workaround would sure be appreciated.



    Hello Mark,

    Your #wrapper width is 880px, setting your page width.
    Your div#container has 7px padding.
    That padding allows you to have only a 866 width to fit your #navlist li into.
    Currently you must shrink your #navlist li to a width of 144px.

    That is the only section I checked, so you might want to over the math on the site.

    Brett Santore


    Is it maybe related to the padding on the ‘a’ element, it shows in firebug as extending out of the container – might upset ie6? I’m not sure…
    *EDIT* – Brett’s simultaneous post might be closer to the right answer, but I’ll leave mine here in-case.


    Thanks both of you for the advice. Both solutions solved the primary problem. After fussing for awhile, I changed the padding on the a element as my solution. That looked better as a workaround.

    This is a great resource, thanks again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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