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    Hi, i’m almost and project of a simple shop using simplecartJS(.org) script, but i have problems with real-time price changing
    Here is my link for codepen:
    What I’m looking for its a way to :
    Set a price to specific product when width and height and montage is selected, like this:

    For product a,d,g,m(…) when width =(x) and height=(y) price=my_price…
    For product b,e,l,o(…) when width =(x) and height=(y) price=my_price…

    I have products in 6 price cathegory, where price is depend on w+h
    When montage is =yes then add to price 5$
    On the and every product will be on single product_x.html site with describe etc.
    I can’t finish this script – its based on
    its drives me crazy…
    Do you have suggestions/links/sources that i can use?
    Thank you for any help and sorry for my bad english…Gabrielle :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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