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    Hi all,

    I’m new here and this is my first post – I hope I can provide as much info as possible :)

    – IE is rendering my content as text/plain as opposed to text/HTML

    – I see IE has an option to ‘format documents using my style sheet’ – could this fix the issue?
    – Or maybe a bookmarklet would be the fix?

    – I can’t amend the source code that the server spits out – so my only option is to force IE to read it in a certain way
    – I have installed an extension in Chrome (modify content type) which has resolved the issue there – I wonder if I can replicate this in IE somehow
    – Ideally I would only like to force content type from a specific URL

    Appreciate any and all help you might provide. Really struggling with this one – and Chrome is not a suitable option for me unfortunately :(

    Thanks all,


    Is the document you’re opening with IE8 a .txt file? If so, then I can only assume there isn’t any way to get IE8 to treat it like an html file. Maybe someone with a deeper knowledge of IE could help you with a work-around…

    If the document is an .html file (or something else that outputs html) then I really have no idea why IE8 wouldn’t be reading it as such…


    Hi bearhead,

    Thanks for your response – appreciate you even looking at this :)

    It’s content via a URL – I think the code is poorly written – and maybe there should be a header on the HTML itself for IE to render it correctly?

    Example of the first part of source code:


    div><style type=”text/css”>

    Thanks again,


    Yeah it’s really hard to say without looking at the code, but I’m guessing the html is not valid which is causing it not to render as expected. Style sheets/tags need to be added to the &lt;head&gt; of the document. Styles in the &lt;body&gt; must be added directly to elements with the style="" attribute.

    Some modern browsers can deal with invalid html, but maybe IE8 doesn’t have those capabilities?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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