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    Hi I am teaching an older person (65ish) to code html css.
    This person is a well known artist and has run their own site created with dreamweaver for years.

    The templating aspect of dreamweaver is actually pretty ok for software this old and for a simple small site.

    I use .erb templates with Fireapp myself, but the install process and maintainance of all the parts is way too complex for this person.

    I have thought about setting up js templates with something like handlebars.js but even if i set it up it may be too complex for this person to understand..too many parts.
    Any opinions on this?

    This person likes and want to do html/css. They just need a simple way to template the main page structure and keep the navigation in one place.

    Also i have thought about simple static site “cms’s” like cushy cms and similar.

    Any ideas welcomed

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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