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    I have a store that is laying out the product “inline”… how do I make it possible to layout out the products as a grid? There is just too much white space and I would like to use that area.


    Your question is waaaay too broad.

    We need example code in a demo, ideally in a link.

    See the Tips Box —>

    Help us help you.


    Paulie D Thanks for your response, I will try and help you help me as much as I can. I am working on the site locally so I cannot give you a link I am sorry. I am not familiar with CSS commands, so I thought maybe it was a simple as a one word command like it is presently using the word ” inline”. This is the code for that line

    display: inline ;
    width: 60%;

    I am figuring the (display: inline;) makes all the products lay down a row one by one on top of each other. I would like it to lay next to each other say 4×4. Four across then go to next line and list then next 4. Hope that helps.


    Thing is you’d probably need a grid system for that (not necessarily but it’s probably an idea)….but in the absence of HTML & CSS it’s hard to help you further.


    I am working on the site locally so I cannot give you a link

    Use an online service like codepen to recreate the problem.

    I am not familiar with CSS commands

    I don’t mean to be discouraging, but you need to become familiar with CSS if you expect to build websites. Going along with that, I enjoy helping people learn, but I am less interested in handing out “fixes” —or, especially, trying to solve problems by trial and error, without any real info about the problem. : )

    That being said, inline-block is a good basis for a grid system. You might start your study with that. If you can get a demo working, I’ll be happy to help further.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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