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    Hello Folks,

    Just wondering if it’s only me or is this the norm here at CSS-Tricks — everytime, I sign-in, I have to request for password reset even though I am using the correct user name and password?

    I’ve tried writing to Chris Coyier but has yet received any response in over a week now.

    Another odd situation encountered is that once signed in, when I open a new tab for a different topic, the new tab does not show that I am logged-in already. When I try to sign-in again in the new tab, I encounter the same “Howdy Stranger” message again.

    If there is a solution to this challenge that I can take care of by myself, please kindly let me know. Otherwise, I hope Chris Coyier or any CSS-Tricks staff members can help steer me in the right direction. It’s minor, but frustrating situation.

    Thank you in advance,


    Try messaging Robskiwarrior as he is the site Admin


    Thanks, TT_Mark.

    Just sent Robskiwarrior a message. Hoping to put an end to this matter very soon.

    Chris Coyier

    I didn’t get any message about this, maybe it got lost to spam. One way that might fix it is for you to create a new account. Then we’ll kill the old account (keeping all the content), then if you wish, change the account name of the new account back to the old one. If you want to go this route, make the new account and message me.


    …obviously, you’ve checked this under different browsers, right?


    I’ve been having a problem myself.

    When I log onto the site, it comes up OK, but then as soon as I put my cursor over the scroll bar, I get the pop-up window saying “internet explorer is no longer working”.

    It took ’til about the 10th try to be able to stay on long enough to send this message.

    I first noticed this problem earlier today, – – and it’s only happening to me on this site.

    I’m using IE8 on Windows 7, never had a problem here with this before today.

    Can’t say anymore, – – I’ll be getting kicked off again any second (again).



    Great to hear from you. Yes, I thought my message either got into the spam folder or you just’ve been busy lately. Anyway, thanks for the reply here. Will do create a new account then and will let you know if I decide to keep what’s in the old account.

    , yes, I double checked the situation with both Chrome and FF, same situation occured. From this short discussion, I must assume then that this particular challenge is not the norm here.


    lol….Tommer, sorry, your challenge is not funny, but you definitely put a funny spin on it. I supposed, its better finding a way to smile or laugh than being frustrated and groomy.

    Hope you find the solution as well. It can be frustrating.


    Whew!! Took me 6 or 7 tries to be able to sign in this time.

    Thanks wd2b.

    It seems like I’m having better odds (with the bullying scrollbar) if I ‘type’ my way here, rather than using the shortcut.

    When I use the shortcut, the scrollbar disses me, – – when I type my way in, the sign in window spits me out.

    Hopefully, it’s just a temporary problem, but thought I’d let you’s know, – – you never know if someone really important can’t get on either . . . LOL

    Rob MacKay

    You did indeed send me one lol

    Looking into it now :)


    OK, if I am signed in with Chrome, for some reason I can’t sign-in again in FF, within the the same PC system at the same session/time. Is this expected?


    Thank you, Rob. Look forward to whatever you may find, just hoping it will be a quick and lasting solution.

    , you are quite welcome! I am to see your persistent paid off. Let us know should you discover the culprit.


    Didn’t discover any culprit, but it seems to be working fine for me today, – – I’d have to think Rob gave it a whuppin’, – – thanks, all.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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