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    Thanks for stopping in to read my problem,
    I’m working on my first premium WordPress theme for Themeforest I think it’s turned out quite nice, well I guess I should^^. I ran into a problem that I haven’t ever encountered, After I worked out the comments on a blog post. My sidebar all of the sudden kept getting bumped down about half the way down the page. I tried several fixes to the problem; however, anything I did that fixed it messed up the sidebar in other browsers; however, I got on my computer to try and fix the problem again, and now the issue has disappeared. I just want to make sure if I can that this ‘ghost fix’ isn’t just on my computer and that it works on all. So if I could get you guys to critique this theme of mine, maybe give me some pointers on things I absolutely need to include before I wrap up this project and start selling it. Also let me know if that sidebar looks like it does on the main page, on the single pages( mainly the one titled ‘comments test’ )

    Thanks again,
    Jeremy Carlsten


    There are a couple of validation errors. Perhaps that could be causing the ‘ghost problem’.


    Thanks, I hadn’t yet looked at validation, Any idea why it doesn’t like the closing bracket on the search form?
    Also I have an Update for the ‘ghost problem’ It only happens when i’m logged in, when i’m logged out that’s when it kicks the sidebar down, It’s also not confined to chrome like i originally thought, i just never signed in on other browsers.


    Another Update:

    I have determined that the problem is somewhere in the comments form but i can’t find anything that would cause such an occurance, nothing is showing up in googles inspect element (AKA firebug for chrome) the only thing i might have is that the body is supposedly only 350ish pixels high, the tags are in the right spot top just under header and bottom just before html closer. Any ideas?


    Good luck with Themeforest. They are pretty difficult to get into and actually sell themes with. They are very picky on what they accept and reject. I’ve had a few rejections from them.


    Thanks, Dhechler.

    After Completely starting from a scratch comments.php file, and going through with each piece; copy, paste, save, refresh. I found the issue turns out i had a div stretching over a php endif statement and apparently that’s a no no. the simple fix was to create a second div with the same class after the endif statement.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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