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    Can anyone help with the sidebar on my new blog? The problem is in IE 7 in the single view it is pushed below the main content but I can’t figure out how to get it to line up. On the homepage it’s where it should be hung out to the right but in single view it just drops below the content and I’m out of ideas now to get it to line up.

    Site here:


    Hi Gpirie,

    I initially thought it was a problem with floats but I figured out what the problem was . Your sidebar was not in your

    Content DIV.

    You need a container ( in your case your div called content ) and the only thing inside there was the main col. The sidebar was actually not in your content div it was sitting below it floated to the right.

    Here is the code , you need to cut the sidebar code and paste it between the closing divs .

    If you have any trouble with it let me know.



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    XHTML: You can use these tags: <a href="" title=""> <abbr title=""> <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <cite> <code> <del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong>

    ******delete these asterisks and paste your sidebar here make sure it is inside these two closing divs*******************

    cut out all the text between the two lines of asterisks below



    Thankyou! :D

    Can’t believe I missed that, I was looking at the floats and widths etc instead of that.

    Thanks again!


    no problemo glad i could help

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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