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    We have created an eCommerce solution, and in the process, when a customer registers, they get sent an email to verify their account before they are allowed to log in.

    One of our clients has suggested that this is not necessary nowadays. I am in the camp that yes, it is indeed necessary. Email would be the ONLY source of communication with their customers.

    What are peoples opinion on this, and is it a best practice?


    Battle rages on that one.

    Personally, if you make me register to buy from you then you are less likely to get my business than someone who doesn’t.

    By all means send me an email to confirm a purchase if I ask for such confirmation but don’t make it mandatory and give me other options (SMS/Print Screen).

    Why should I have to register for a random purchase? What is the benefit to me?


    yeah, unless what I’m getting is 100% useful or I can’t find a login on, I just leave.


    We have the ability to guest checkout, so email verification is not required. Even for registering to checkout, you do not need to validate the email address. We have spent a long time to make the checkout process as painless as possible.

    This is regarding getting access to past orders, and general account details, and for providing marketing (when we implement it).


    OK..fair enough


    they get sent an email to verify their account before they are allowed to log in.

    Why do they need to verify their account? What benefit are you offering here?

    I’m curious, I seem to recall a similar discussion…perhaps somewhere on the Stack Exchange ( possibly). I’d have to check.

    EDIT. Not as recent as I thought but perhaps there was another.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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