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    Hey guys,

    I am developing this site for a client, he says that his contact form should be “expandable” and editable easily.
    After a bit searching I came across this script and understand how it works. But it’s relatively new. I contacted the developer, and he says that he would provide support and also encouraged me to contribute…
    What should I do..


    It looks promising. There are no email headers set in the `mail()` function; you’ll need to add them.

    Have you tried it?


    Yup looks promising….As I said the developer is looking for people who can contribute..
    The script is very simple. If you can help contact the developer…he is looking forward for contributions


    @lazyprogrammer the issue for checkbox and radio buttons can be resolved if you give a name attribute in the HTML declaration..

    …I am looking forward for contributions…If you can contribute I will add you on Github..

    Anirudh Varma
    I made FlexMailer


    @anirudhvr I’ll take a look, but I’m pretty busy with another project ATM. For now, I’d suggest (at a minimum) changing

    mail(‘[email protected]’, ‘subjectir’ , $body);

    …to something like

    mail(‘[email protected]’, ‘subjectir’ , $body, “From: [email protected]”);

    The `From` header is required, and not all servers add it automatically.

    It would also be a good idea to add some error-handling checks. Things like

    $this = $_POST;

    …should always be

    $this = empty( $_POST )? ”: $_POST;

    which both avoids a warning from PHP, and allows you to provide a default value. Likewise,

    mail( … );
    echo “success”;

    should be structured like

    if( mail( … ) ){ echo “success”; }
    else{ echo “failure”; }

    You might consider adding a way for users to pass configuration options to your script without making them edit the script itself.


    @tarq I also made this as a part time work…. I will work on it when I can and keep these options in mind


    @tarq @lazyprogrammer Added the from header on the script

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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