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    I don’t have any clients and my family and friends don’t need websites. So I thought of ideas like this:

    1. A website about Picasso.
    2. A book store design.
    3. A fake agency.
    4. Some other fake thing showing off my ionic framework skills.

    1. Some paintings of Picasso, some content from wikipedia. Though the content is not mine, the design, planning in terms of content management and js/ajax all would be my work.
    2. I have about 60 of my favorite books. Retrieved their information from the google books API, and create an ecommerce theme with them. At the moment, it’s just the front end design, but I want to expand it either using angular and firebase or/and wooCommerce.

    3 and 4 – same ideas.

    I want a junior or entry level position in front-end. And 1 & 2 which are shaping up very nicely, would show exactly what employers would want. But is it penalising to work with fake or copyrighted content? Would employers not accept such submissions.


    +100% @traq

    copyrighted material


    If you’re just experimenting try using Creative Commons, try Flickr search.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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