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    If I was coding a paragraph with a quote I would use:

    The girl cried, “that’s my book!”

    I’ve gotten push back from some “higher ups” (who mainly have worked in print and video) that I shouldn’t use those and want me to do this:

    The girl cried, “that’s my book!”

    Personally, I think this is silly/archaic way of doing this to make it look like print. I’ve never heard of anyone using this technique in modern development but I can be wrong. I do use & for the ampersand for obvious reasons.

    I’d like some thoughts and insight on this.


    I’m missing something, I can’t see a difference!

    But that said, if you’re talking about the different types of double quotes, that’s just an aesthetic concern as far as I’m concerned. As long as it’s consistent I don’t think it matters.

    If I’ve totally missed something, please completely ignore my post and look at this puppy:


    In HTML, double quotes should be “ and ”. I don’t think this is a matter of opinion, it’s just the correct usage. Single quotes should be ‘ and ’ (the latter also for apostrophes).

    The reason your keyboard quotes (straight quotes) are as they are is to avoid the need for the two extra keys that would be required on a typewriter. HTML does not have this limitation, so take advantage of the time your font creator put in to getting the appearance and spacing of their curly quotation marks correct.

    Now seems a good opportunity to recommend Butterick’s Practical Typography:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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