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    Hi all,

    I’ve read over the reviews of multiple shopping carts and have reviewed many mentioned but have a more specific question. I’ve used Zen Cart in the past and am pretty comfortable with this solution, but the handling of attributes through the attribute manager is quite cumbersome. I’ve just installed a test of Magento and although I am just now exploring it… product attributes also seem very involved. I’m looking at a set of custom products that will have up to 6 attributes, and are not shared throughout the line.

    I’m setting up this cart and will then be handing it over to the client. I suppose Foxy Cart may be a solution, but I’m looking at about 100 products with different attribute sets, so I’d prefer a CMS, and I don’t believe it would work (or at least I could do this) with this may custom attributes.

    It seems that Pinacle may be the best of my option, but this is a new business and paying $54/month for the starter pack and $30 for Paypal may be a bit rich for them.

    Any advice? What do you all think?
    Thank you!

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    why not stay with the paypal option of a cart???

    you can add up to 10 different attributes to one item – example:
    XXS £10
    XS £12
    S £14
    M £16
    L £18
    XL £20
    XXL £22

    and the cart is free

    # March 30, 2009 at 8:03 am

    Hi ikthius,

    Thanks for the response. I didn’t quite give all the info. Paypal isn’t an option as we don’t want to leave the client site, some of these attributes will change the price (which can be done with javascript before pushing the price to paypal… but not easily by the client) and they are hoping for the ability to have customers create an account to be able to follow up on current orders.

    An example of the order would be they select Product 1. This product has the option of 3 colors, some sizes, some products are part of a set and they’d like an option to purchase at this time, and then we need to collect text to customize order, font, etc.

    Any reviews of working with Pinnacle cart? I’ve seen it mentioned but not much detail. This is how I’m currently leaning.

    Thanks again.

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    I have no idea how this works but if you don’t want your visitors leaving the site to pay on paypal why don’t you set up a ajax lightbox that loads the necessary paypal part, then the client can pay for and close the window afterwards?

    just an idea of course lol

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