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    @WolfCry911 @TheDoc @ChristopherBurton

    Just wanted to share my progress with you guys. Doc, in working my way along this design I’m very quickly seeing the benefit that plugin will have for me – I appreciate you recommending it. Not everything is done, however I’m probably only one day away from converting the site to xhtml/php and I’ll start coding it for WordPress on Monday. I reckon I’ll be talking to you guys a lot through that process.

    Full Width:
    Specs Page:

    Still have a products page and blog page to create, but those should come relatively easy. I’m particularly proud of the specs page.

    Any and all feedback is welcomed. I’m actually really interested in figuring out how to get that footer to fill the entire bottom of the page in the event that there is a very short amount of content in the content area (full-width.html is an example of that).



    I’m not entirely sure I remember following this. Either way, I’m happy to contribute. I think the footer issue would be resolved with using a sticky footer. I think you should also be on the wagon with HTML5 and not developing in xhtml.


    Specs page looks good. Let me know if you need any help implementing ACF.


    A sticky footer allows you to stick your footer at the bottom of the page no matter the height of your main content.

    Technically you can use the HTML5 doctype without using the new elements. This will render in IE perfectly fine.


    @tannercampbell An easy fix for the footer is to give the root (html element) the same color background as the footer, then give the content wrapper the background image (or alternate color).

    Here is a quick example:


    @joshuanhibbert – you know, I did that little trick on a site many moons ago, but never thought to do it for the footer like that. I dig it.


    @TheDoc Thanks! I have used it a few times, it can come in very handy!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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