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    I read the following article and I wondered, if this maybe the right way to solve my current problem:

    The problem:
    My site reads a xml file that contains information (values) for a data-table.
    I use CSS to style the table and everything works fine.
    To get a better user-experience I wondered if it is possible to change the background color of each cell dynamically depending on its value? For example: Each cell that contains a number less then “5” has a red background color; each cell >= “5” has a green background color.

    Can this be solved in CSS only or do I have to use JavaScript?

    Thank you! :-)

    Kind regards,



    Hi XStone!

    Sure it’s possible. I put together a demo which basically makes the cell color red if less than 1/3 of the max, yellow if less than 1/2 of max and green otherwise (demo):

    $('table td').each(function(){
    var c = 'high',
    t = $(this),
    val = parseInt( t.text(), 10 );

    if (val <= max/3 ) { c = 'low'; }
    if (val > max/3 && val <= max/2) { c = 'medium'; }

    This is assuming you’re using integers, if not, change the parseInt( t.text(), 10); to parseFloat( t.text() );

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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