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    Hi, I have watched the screencast on domains etc and I sort of get it, but I have a website for a client that already has email and a server and things but I have to transfer it. basicly the site is hosted on the old developers server and the email is on one of my clients just as an email host( so I need to make the domain point to a new server and the email to point from that sever to eclipse without any disruption to the website and especially the email. because I can’t afford to make any mistake on this I am asking for the best way to do this.
    Do I just change the records on the domain(123reg) and the new server so that it all points to the new server then find the email records(MX or A, can’t remember) and get the email server pointing to there after? where do I find these records? and will it cause disruption to the email because of routers and stuff updating as said in the screecast or is that just for new domains?

    Thanks, a lot of questions there, any help appriciated.


    if nothing is changing as in domain name, email addresses, etc you really only need to change the A records to point to the correct server for the domain and email.

    123 will help you out, they helped me out when transferring a domain and they were quick too

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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