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    I’m customizing the CSS of the NextGEN gallery. My goal is to put a series of slideshows in a horizontal line on the front page of my site.

    Problem is: When the dynamically-generated slideshows (.ngg-slideshow) are floated left so they line up next to each other, the first (left) slideshow’s top margin appears to be around 0, the second one (to the right) has a bigger top margin, etc. etc. It ends up looking like steps. When .ngg-slideshow is floated right, the opposite happens! The right slideshow is uppermost and each one to the left is pushed down. Margins and padding are set to zero.

    Any thoughts on what’s causing this? It’s driving me nuts and I’ve wasted a LOT of time on this.

    I am somewhat new to WordPress, but doing really well except for this issue. Another approach might be to wrap each slideshow (controlled by .ngg-slideshow) in a container DIV and position those. I wonder if the same thing would happen. It’s worth a try. But I can’t try, because I have not been able to locate the code for the slideshow element (not just the CSS for it). If I could find the actual slideshows, I could wrap them!

    Thanks for any attempts to fix this.


    This isn’t the fault of the gallery. I use NextGEN. It sounds like you have a conflicting style in your stylesheet. Look at it in firebug and see if any of the NextGEN styles are being over-written. The list-items should be displayed block. You can also try removing the margin and padding styles of the elements and then readding them one by one to see which style specifically is causing the problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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