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    so this client called and wanted me to add around 100 pages to his website. I did not make his website and it turns out his website is static. so adding pages is harder than I thought.

    and why does he want to add 100 pages? to boost his SEO.
    He wants to have listings of places for his services in his area and when you click a place it shows the name of the place and the same text under it on all those pages.
    100 pages of the same exact text except for 3 or 4 changes and the title name up top.
    would this help him? i mean, it sounds like it would somewhat… but it also sounds like a bad way of getting there….


    This will count as duplicate content with Google, thumbs down! You were right to be concerned. Static pages are the best since they are simple to index, so that is actually a plus. Google has told web designers a million times, use “static” pages and text links! Yet no one really does this. Static loads faster, simpler to index, no scripts, and text links don’t require a title tag.

    Simply put, creating a hundred pages with virtually all the same exact content will get you penalized and nothing more. If he wants to destroy his website, this is the sure way to do it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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