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    Hi all, I’m trying to build a quick jquery driven menu and I’m having some trouble. What I have is a #dropdown div that I want to animate to 90% opacity when I mouseover one of the menu items, and then animate to 0% again when I mouseout.

    My issue is that I can’t seem to get it to mouseout properly, or at all (either one happens).

    The code I wrote is this:

    What I’m attempting to do is select both #dropdown and so that when the menu is activated, it doesn’t disappear if you mouseout of the link. It should only go back to 0% opacity if you mouseout of both the AND the #dropdown.

    So right now the menu just sticks. I believe it sticks because I’m not selecting both parts correctly (splitting it like ‘#dropdown’,’’). If I try putting in just ‘#dropdown’, the div disappears if I mouseout of the link class.

    Maybe I’m making this harder than it is and maybe there’s a much better way to do this (and if so, please point me in the right direction :). Can I even select two elements on the page to maintain that div in view?

    Thanks in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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