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    Will CMS be getting its own section like CSS Combat or PHP Problems or will it be lumped in Other Discussions and/or PHP Problems?


    We used to have a CMS section, but the majority of the questions were language-specific (CSS, PHP, Javascript, etc). For the time being, all of the previous posts in the CMS section have essentially been moved into “PHP Problems”.

    For example, while the WordPress loop uses its own variables, it’s still PHP based.


    @betzster I agree with you, but most people were putting “WordPress” in the title anyways. Something like…

    “WordPress: Stuck on Adding Custom Fields to the Loop”

    …would still be a totally legit PHP forum question to me. Especially with how the new front page works (showing posts from all categories), the categories are slowly but surely becoming a little meaningless.

    There were also a lot of posts that were actually related to CSS posted in that category, but because they were within a CMS people were confused as to which section it should go into.

    If there are lots of people wanting it back, we might be able to do something! ;)


    I agree with TheDoc, the categories are definitely becoming meaningless.

    I used to lurk on the CSS and javascscript categories mostly, but now I’m permanently on “All Discussions”… Also the yellow “NEW” tag forces me to read every single post lol.

    Chris Coyier

    The main reason I ditched CMS is because I feel like this site has so much attachment to WordPress – there is much less to offer as far as other CMS’s. Are we prepared to offer help for people posting about Joomla and Drupal and ExpressionEngine and stuff? I’m certainly not.

    Another possibility is changing the PHP Problems category title to something else.

    And I also agree that the categories have much less meaning. In a way, that’s what I was going for. Much more just a stream of questions. But I still like that they exist so they can sort of influence what the general topics are that we talk about.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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