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    Hi, whats the best way to get search engines like google to notice me? When my site gets more veiwsers will google automaticcaly rank me higher or not? Also, if the site is in word press, how do i get the search engine to automaticaly see new posts and index them?
    Also, one last thing, what is a site map and how do i make one?

    Many Thanks

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    The best way to get search engines to notice you is to write good quality, unique and desirable content. Ensuring that your markup is clean and accessible will help search engines read your pages. You can use META tags in your pages, but these have relatively little effect on your page rank.

    One way to get a higher page rank is to have good quality sites link to you. Since this is something which the owner of a site has little abilty to influence, the more (good quality) sites that link to you the better. You can encourage sites to link to you by offering good content and linking to other good sites.

    Don’t forget to register your site with directories and ‘niche’ sites, that offer a chance to direct traffic to your site. This includes sites, like reddit, digg and delicious – which can offer a tremendous amount of traffic if you are lucky enough.

    You should maximize the benefit of social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, bebo and linked in. Not only can you use these to keep your current visitors informed, but you can also attract new visitors to your site. If you have a particularly useful page, you may find it gets ‘retweeted’ fairly often and this can be a boon in terms of site traffic.

    Sometimes you just need to attract more visitors than you can with these methods alone. Don’t be afraid to advertise with one of the reputable web advertisers or search engines. Google adwords is a good place to start, and is usually inexpensive (depending on the keywords that you want). The good thing is that you only pay for users that visit your site through one of the ads, so if it isn’t bringing in extra traffic you’re not paying for it.

    I’m sure there are many, many more useful tips but these are the ones off the top of my head. Whatever you do don’t be tempted by organizations or programs that promise to ‘increase your google pagerank’ or similar. These ‘black hat’ techniques harm the internet community and can lead to you being black listed. And if you think you’re not getting any traffic now, it’s nothing compared to being banned by google.

    Hope these tips help you


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    Thanks for the awsum reply!

    When you said get other sites to link to you, what does that mean?

    Also – Will somthing like google automaticaly know that i have posted new content or do i have to tell it?

    Many THanks

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    It means get other sites to link to your site with a hyperlink. For instance, the css-tricks homepage links to FoxyCart, PSD2HTML, Chris’ personal site, and other sites like Are My Sites Up?

    You can check how many sites link to you by using a backlink checker such as

    Also, you mentioned about Sitemaps. A Sitemap is a computer readable description of all the pages on your site, to make finding your content easier for search engines. I usually argue that if you have a reasonably small, well organized site with good navigation you shouldn’t need a sitemap (as the search engines usually do a good job of finding your content themselves). If, however, you have a much larger site, or you find that search engines aren’t indexing some of your content, a Sitemap can help.

    You can use a sitemap generator ( to create one – or if you have a CMS most have plugins available that can auto generate a sitemap for you.

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    I meant to post here last night but google was down so I couldn’t give you a link, and then the football started. :D

    Get yourself a free google webmaster account That way you can submit your site direct to them, see how they are indexing it and any problems they might have with it. You can also set up a google analytics account and see a complete breakdown of all the traffic you are getting, where it is coming from (both geographically and on the web) eg. via a search engine or a link, what pages people are looking at, how long they are spending on the pages etc. All useful info to help you see the parts of your site that may need work. Plus all the fun stuff like seeing the most popular browser and OS.

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