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    Hello folks;
    Thank you in advance for any tips.
    I have here a sample in codepen for a navbar that I’m working on.

    There are two issues with this.
    1-the ‘blue’ search bar div wont move right even with float right & margin 0.
    2-the searchbar div has a nice box-shadow. However it’s around the whole element rather then the white search area.

    (lastly if anyone has suggestions on how to get a google-free searchbar to provide searches for a site without learning jq or java that’d be great, but clearly outside of this forum)


    There’s quite a lot going on in there with several ‘display’ properties applying to some items.

    I appreciate that you might be looking for fallbacks but if you strip out a lot of the flexbox stuff and stick with good old floats.

    Now you can start adding back the flexbox properties and seeing what happens when you do.


    thanks a lot Paulie (btw I really like your icon).
    That makes sense. I left the display properties in so that anyone looking at it could see that they weren’t doing the job. But I wasn’t able to find what WOULD.
    I’ll analyze your code more.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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